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Myriam Swanson presenta Magnolia


It’s a north american spirit, velvety and raging quartet in which celebrates the original tunes that will appear in their second album, to be released very soon, along with small tributes to great big names as Billie Holiday, Etta James, Sara Vaughan or Rosemary Clooney, with that delicious music that has been following Myriam Swanson from her early days, and which she wanted to share with great musicians and a powerful staging that covers a wide spectrum of her most jazzy side.

El repertori ha estat curosament escollit per convidar a l'espectador a submergir-se en els paisatges de Broadway dels musicals de Cole Porter dels anys cinquanta... de Duke Ellington a Ella Fitgerald, de Sara Vaughan a Blossom Dearie. El cinema i el jazz es troben en un ambient íntim i sofisticat... un escenari.

Their first record, That’s a Plenty was a success and they toured extensively through theatres and clubs. At the gate of their new record with original tunes, in 2017 they got their reward: their participation in the original soundtrack of the film "The Chosen" from Antonio Chavarrías with 2 original tunes.

Myriam Swanson
Singer, composer and performer. Well known as a Rhythm n’ Blues singer, it is said about her “the most powerful and full of nuances voice in the Rhythm'n Blues since in our country." Joan Mas. Jamboree. Tarantos. Barcelona.

She lead Los Mambo Jambo along with Dani Nel·lo during 2 years at Apolo in Barcelona awith the Taboo show that they created. From this experience appears her project Flamingo Tours along with very well-known musicians in the international sceen such as Jordi Mena or Jorge Rebenaque.

Line Up:

Francesc Capella: piano
Paco Weht: contrabaix 
Xavi Hinojosa: bateria 

Special guest: Artëm Zhulyev: saxo tenor 

We hope you enjoy and like our show!!!


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