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Taller de Gospel


Emmanuel Djob

Camerunais, he is a master and choir director since he was 15 years old. He studied music in Yaoundi and participated in the Gospel choir of his neighbourheed. At the age of 25 he emigrates to study in one of the culturally strongetst capitals: París.

There he followed his studies and made his first shows in Europe. After he moved to the south where, along with other singers, he founded Massilia Gospel Experience, the Gospel School of Marsella, in which he taught vocal technique, Gospel language, singind and e instrumentation.

In 1996 Emmanuel Djob created The Black and White Gospel Singers, one of the most importan Gospel groups in Europe and, with no doubt, the most creative, fusing Gospel with moder styles such as Blues, Reggae and Hip Hop. He also collaborated with som great bands such as The Clara Ward Gospel Singers or Golden Gate Quartet.

With a very wide vocal tessiture and a great control of his falsetto, his voice transforms into a very versatile instrument : warm and tender in the balads, perhaps a little "bluesy" in the quicker tempos. His predilection for Hard Gospel turn him into a shouter with a huge stage presence.

Didier Likeng

Didier Likeng was born in Cameroon. He is a self-taught musician with a solid experience with Gospel Choirs and vocal groups. At the early age of 10 years, his parents took him to his village church's choir , a Presbiterian Church in Cameroon. They quickle realized his aptitudes for singing and for music. A few years later he started managing and creating different vocal groups and Gospel choirs in his native Cameroon

We can affirm that Didier Likeng has a special talent for music and he masters many aspects of this art. Multi-instrumentist, author, composer, arranger,... In 1989 decided to move to Belgium to study agronomy, what he culminated successfully in 1995. Meanwhile he had been working with a french Gospel group, The Black and White Gospel Singers. In this group, he played bass and sang as a tenor and baritone during 12 years.

In his wide musical career, he also deveoped as director and he has produced more than 20 CD’s of different musical styles in Belgium. In 1992 he created “The Marvellous Gospel Singers”, the best Gospel group in Belgium and one of the best in Europe. Nowadays he sings in many different choirs and Gospel groups like “Gospel pour 100 voix” in París in which he is one of the soloists, “Mighty Gospel Singers” with whom has played the inconsiderable number of 1.600 concerts.

At the same time he developed a great prestige as a techaer all around Europe with his master clases and Gospel workshops. This facet has taken him to work in many countries in Europe such as Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Spain,... Finally, as a colophon of his artistical and musical career, he has sang, shared the stage and met some of the biggest artists in Gospel such as The Golden Gate Quartet, The Dixies Hummingbirds, Liz McComb, The Five Blind Boys of Alabama, The Harlem Gospel Singers, Marcel Boungou, Emmanuel Djob,...